TA Announcements for Week of December 4

Hi all,

Thanks for all of the hard work with the recent assignments; I hope that they’ve been useful. A few announcements for this week:

  1. I’ve graded homework 4 and posted the scores on Canvas. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Homework 5 is due Monday night before midnight. I will grade these promptly and return them ASAP to facilitate the project.
  3. I will have Office hours Monday night in G11 from 6:10pm-7:30pm (ish). However, we have the room booked from the time class is over until 7:30pm. Feel free to use that time and space to work with your groups.
  4. Lab will meet as it normally does in G11 on Wednesday night. Aside from doing my lecture recaps and asking for questions, there will be no new material presented.
  5. I’ve received a few questions about LD Score regression intercepts being less than one at times. The authors offer limited interpretations of such scenarios. In general, I’m looking to verify that you can run LD Score in your own hands and that you get the important points of the method. I’m afraid that the community, myself included, are still working out some of the particular scenarios that arise.
  6. Hopefully you’ve learned some interesting things in the course. As we don’t have a final exam, Martin and I put the onus of what you take from the material on you. Please discuss concepts, questions, ideas, and the like as much as desired during these last two weeks.

Have a great week!