TA Announcements for Week of December 11

Hi all,

This is the last announcement that you’ll hear from me… Congrats on making it to the finish line!

  1. I’m mostly through grading Homework 5 and will post scores tonight. Solutions are posted. A common point of confusion is determining which epigenetic annotations were enriched. In the lab, I just looked at the bottom few as an example, but it was not meant to be prescriptive. One should use the vector of p-values as one normally would interpret multiple testing, noting that these are correlated tests.
  2. My final office hour will be Monday night from ~6:10pm - 7:30pm (or later if necessary). I’m more than happy to continue discussing the project as well as whatever other material that is interesting.
  3. Course evaluations have been sent out last week. As we’ve tried to make significant changes to the course, Martin and I would really appreciate your feedback. Please give us as much detail as you please, and if you feel comfortable, we’d be eager to take additional thoughts via email particularly with respect to lectures, assignments, and labs.
  4. Just a quick reminder that presentations will be Wednesday and your final write-ups due Thursday. Please contact me if there will be any issues meeting these due dates.
  5. Finally, the order of the presentations for Wednesday will be: Group 4, Group 1, Group 5, Group 3, and finally Group 2. This was determined using R shown below:
> set.seed(227)
> sample(1:5)
[1] 4 1 5 3 2

Have a great week!