TA Announcements Week of November 13

Hi all,

I have a few announcements for BST227 this week:

1) I’ve posted grades for assignments 1 and 2. Everyone did extremely well, but please let me know if there are any questions; I’m finalizing a solution for Homework 2.

2) By popular demand, I’m pushing back the due date of Homework 3 to Wednesday at midnight. This will allow you all to ask me any questions needed in lab this Wednesday.

3) Homework 4 consists of looking at papers that have been posted to the course website. I’ve asked a few specific questions to answer for this assignment, due after Thanksgiving. As such, lab this week will be me giving a 10-15 minute overview of the papers but otherwise mostly a time for Q/A. If you feel comfortable with the material, HW3, and the papers, there won’t be a ton of content that will be uniquely discussed.

4) As Christopher mentioned in lab this week, this is a great resource for understanding PCA.

5) If you have any questions for me or find any inconsistencies or errors in grading, please find me at my office hour: I’ll be in FXB G11 at ~6:10pm Monday evening. Email of course is always fine too.

Thanks and have a great week! -Caleb