TA Announcements for Week of November 27

Hi all,

I have several announcements as we are winding down the back-half of the course:

  1. I have finished grading homework 3 and have posted a corresponding solution online. As expected, folks did quite well. Grades should be posted before tomorrow morning.
  2. Just a reminder that Homework 4 is due Monday before midnight. I’m more than happy to take emails or alternatively…
  3. Feel free to swing by my office hour (Monday 6:10PM - 7:30PM, FXB G11) if you have any last minute questions on the homework.
  4. I’ve posted Homework 5 and Lab 5, which will be directly useful for completing the assignment. Homework 5 will be due Monday, December 4 before midnight.
  5. I’ve also posted a .pdf file on the main course webpage that outlines the final project and includes group assignments. Please start coordinating with your group members.
  6. I’ve posted the lecture 11 slides (I will be the guest lecturer) for Wednesday, November 29. This material will be directly useful for Homework 5 and the final project.